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Last Updated:  June 30, 2003


Hi everyone, and welcome to my fan fiction site about
the Backstreet Boys and O-Town!! I LOVE feedback, so send me some!!! Good or bad! Be brutal! Well, Feel Free to email me, and I suggest you read 'Black Eyes, Blue Tears'. Its very emotional, you'll like it, but read the thing before it first, please? And if you wanna know when this site is updated, email me and in the sub. box put, update list. Thanks, lata!

PS-And if you want your story hosted, just send it my way! And it DOES not have to be BSB related, just no x-files....k? Thanks!
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This is One Of my favorite quotes;
"When you love somebody put their name in a circle, not hearts. Hearts break but circles last forever."----Brian Littrell

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